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Private Clients

As a Private client Oyster helps you to establish your objectives and needs.

Oyster regularly acts in the capacity of corporate fiduciary or trustee and in so doing we regularly guide private clients in the areas of:

  • Asset protection
  • Tax mitigation
  • Succession planning
  • Attitude to risk
  • Family settlement
  • Cross- border issues
  • Asset diversification

Private clients can contact us using our contact form


 Asset protection

There will be many reasons that you may decide you want to protect your assets using a trust or company. At Oyster, you will be able to sit down with us and work out what you need and the priority for establishment or distribution to different beneficiaries. Your family situation may be such that you have children of varying ages with different needs; or have children to protect from a previous marriage where an ex-spouse has re-married to a partner with their own children. You may be a professional who wants to protect his assets from any potential financial claims in the future. In any event, we at Oyster have seen it all and will have a range of options and solution bespoke to your individual requirements.

 Tax mitigation

You may want to make use of a trust and company structure as a legitimate tax mitigation vehicle in order to lessen the effect of tax on your income; your profits; or your estate; or your inheritance. You may also have assets in different jurisdictions which will often need separate structures. Oyster will guide you through the complex world of offshore structures and work with tax planning professionals to obtain a definitive opinion on the most suitable structure. Oyster can also help you to make the best possible use of the many annual tax allowances available.

 Succession planning

This is a subject that is often overlooked or ignored because it can be sensitive and contentious. Oyster are experienced in making this important matter easier to discuss and can help educate and coach your children to handle the family’s finances in a responsible way. We can help you to set up and run a regular family council and to establish operating procedures, investment policies and distribution plans. In some cases it may involve Oyster helping you to establish a family office to manage and control the family wealth.

 Attitude to risk

Oyster will work with you to understand your attitude to risk which means we can then put in place a clear and suitable investment policy for each trust or company to ensure effective wealth diversification that covers the important risk management areas of asset class, tax, currency, jurisdiction, time-scale and credit. Oyster will also be able to structure a risk profile for each beneficiary by taking into account their age and health, as well as their family & educational needs.

 Family settlements

Families will always have different needs and agendas, so a family settlement will often be the best way to avoid any disputes and ensure an equitable distribution of your wealth no matter how strong or weak the beneficiary may be. A well structured settlement will also protect anyone whom you wish to include in the distribution of your estate. You will also be able to ensure that the relevant and correct level of tax is paid. Oyster can also help to ensure that a regular income or donation is made in-line with your wishes.

 Cross-border issues

You may have assets in different jurisdictions or wish to conduct business or trade in other countries – all of which will give rise to many cross-border issues from both a tax and legal perspective. Oyster operates internationally and we have in our team several specialist who can assist you in this area so that the relevant trust or corporate jurisdiction is utilised.

 Asset diversification

In order to reduce the risk of losing the family wealth, Oyster can advise you on how to diversify your trust and company assets between different share classes; and other assets including cash, fixed interest, equities, property, commodities and alternative investments. Oyster can help you to assess the level of potential profit, dividend or fixed income in relation to the corporate credit risk or historic volatility. Where Oyster acts as Trustees, we will also need to implement and monitor the diversification and re-balancing of trust assets in order to achieve and maintain the objectives of the settlor and ensure the ongoing protection of the interests of the beneficiaries.

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