• Tax Mitigation

    You may want to make use of a trust and company structure as a legitimate tax mitigation vehicle in order to lessen the effect of tax.
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  • Asset Protection

    There will be many reasons that you may decide you want to protect your assets using a trust or company. At Oyster, you will be able to sit down with us and work out what you need.
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Private Clients

Private Clients

As a Private client Oyster helps you to establish your objectives and needs. In order to enjoy the benefits of a highly personalised service which is built on trust and results, we want to get to know you and your family; and to understand more about your dreams and ambitions.

You may also need Oyster to help with succession planning and coaching the next generation about how to use money and wealth efficiently and appropriately.

You will have access to the international Oyster network of professional relationships to help you cater for your banking, investment and insurance requirements.

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Professional Advisors

As a Professional adviser Oyster helps you to add value and structure your advice.

You will be able to utilise Oyster’s extensive knowledge and experience in the formation of offshore trusts and companies in all the major offshore jurisdictions.

Oyster will also make available their international network of trusted bankers, stockbrokers, investment managers and insurance underwriters.

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Our People

Based on over 150 years of knowledge & experience the Oyster Trust team provide discrete and highly personalised services.

All of our team have held responsible senior level management positions with major multi-national institutions in key financial sectors including banking, investment and trust.

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